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Welcome to the National Talent Academy for Film and Television

Film & Television

Established in 2021, the National Talent Academy for Film & Television (NTA Film & TV) is an initiative of Screen Ireland, managed by Galway Film Centre.

The NTA Film & TV recognises that there is a repository of raw talent in Ireland that should be drawn upon, many individuals face barriers and lack clear pathways to inclusion and recognition within the film and television industry.

With that talent lying underutilised, a huge resource for the industry has been untapped. It’s a resource that has the ability to make a massive contribution to Irish film and television, and the potential to continue to drive its development as an internationally recognised powerhouse of creativity.

Inclusive Opportunities for Diverse & Regional Talent – Collaborating towards Excellence

In a concrete way, the NTA seeks to reach out to our many talented individuals within Ireland, to support them in learning and gaining experience, and to provide them with a path that will sustain them going forward in their careers in film and television.

To find out more about the objectives of the NTA Film & TV, and the way in which it will be managed and developed, see our Vision and Strategy document here.

The find out more about the concrete ways in which we will seek to achieve our objective of building and growing the NTA Film & TV and support you, check out our Opportunities Page.

The NTA Film & TV opportunities are open to all individuals regardless of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. To learn more, read our Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Enabling Access, Providing Continuing Support

Through our programmes we aim to:

  • Create, drive, and establish real, tangible opportunities for screenwriters, directors, development personnel and producers.
  • Connect, engage with and support regional and diverse talent to gain entry into the industry and become part of a network of talent in Ireland.
  • Promote and consolidate collaboration between screenwriters, directors, and producers throughout the country, to harness their individual, unique talents and create unparalleled drama.


Untapped Irish Talent – Breaking down Barriers

There is, undoubtedly, a wealth of talent in the areas of screenwriting, development, producing, and directing, in Ireland. But we recognise that some of those potential writers, directors, and producers, are facing barriers. Barriers to entry, and barriers to progressing in the industry. For those of you based in rural parts of Ireland, or those from more diverse backgrounds, the barriers can be particularly pervasive. Whatever your age, whether you identify as non-binary, male, female, LGBTQ+, whether you are black, white, or brown, whether you have a disability, whether you are from a community that has been historically disadvantaged or marginalised, the NTA welcomes you. We are committed to breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for voices from all regions and communities in Ireland to express themselves through the medium of television and film.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group will provide their unique, wide-ranging expertise, and oversight, when needed, to advise the Galway Film Centre (GFC) and other agencies in implementing and growing the NTA Film & TV as it develops.

It is made up of representatives across key areas including Industry, Regions, Diversity, Stakeholders and Education, where knowledge of such key areas will aid the GFC in achieving the objectives of the NTA Film & TV, and connecting with individuals across Ireland, wherever they are.

The currents members are:

  • Elaine Geraghty: Troy & Ardmore Studios (Chair)
  • Andrew Byrne: Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland
  • Celine Curtin: GMIT
  • Dathaí Keane: Writer/Director
  • David Crean: RTÉ
  • Gareth Lee: Screen Ireland
  • Jade Murphy: Galway Film Centre (Secretary)
  • Mary Callery: Producer
  • Ola Majekodunmi: Filmmaker/Writer
  • Siobhán O’Sullivan: Screen Kerry
  • Susan Kirby: Screen Producers Ireland
  • Ursula Rani Sarma: Screenwriter
Galway Film Centre

Galway Film Centre (GFC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of film, TV, animation, and games, as artistic mediums in the West of Ireland. Founded in 1989, it provides mentoring, education, workshops, conferences, equipment and information, to individuals, communities and youth groups, to support them in their creative endeavours in this field.


GFC will lead the development and management of the NTA Film & TV, with guidance and support from the Steering Committee and Consortium.

The Consortium

Drawn from the wide pool of practitioners and stakeholders across the national film and television industry, the Consortium members will take on a wider consultative role within the structure of the NTA Film & TV to provide further advice and guidance, and form working groups as called upon by the Steering Group.