The National Talent Academy for Film & Television (NTA Film & TV) is here to support you, wherever you hail from, however you identify, whatever your background. If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, director, or producer, you’re in the right place.

We have created an array of exciting and practical opportunities that we hope will support you to be creatively ambitious in your work and craft, and give you the chance to enhance your knowledge, resources and artistic practices, and engage with and learn from those that travel with you and mentor you on your journey.

Our opportunities focus on those areas your feedback has shown you need support in:

  • Gaining new knowledge and skills
  • Accessing funding
  • Growing and cementing your credibility and exposure in the industry
  • Increasing your networking opportunities
  • Giving you market awareness to build on your career

Whatever stage you feel you are at in your journey, there should be something for you. Our opportunities have been developed around three key stages that can support you, whether you are a newcomer, or already have some experience in your field, and that you can travel along and take advantage of as you progress in your career. In addition to these stages, the NTA Film & TV may introduce pilot initiatives with specific targets or develop partnerships with new or already established schemes or training providers.

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Opportunities for New Talent

It’s never too late to begin your career in Irish film and television. The NTA Film & TV suite of opportunities aim to encourage and support new voices in finding your feet and gaining the confidence and tools to move forward along your unique path.

Our opportunities include:

Be sure to sign up; you may never look back. The film and television industry cannot break new ground and grow without new individuals injecting their creativity, ideas, and skill. Don’t underestimate your importance in the overarching landscape of TV and film in Ireland – new talent is where the circle begins.

Detailed information on individual opportunities and programmes will be announced in due course. 

Opportunities for Emerging Talent

You have gained a foothold in the industry but need to develop your craft in order to progress further, through a focus on your craft, networking, collaborations, and concrete experiences.

The NTA Film & TV opportunities include:

Creativity doesn’t stand still, but it can be hard to forge a path onwards with clarity, and you may need support and the ability to continue learning in order to progress and fully realise your potential. Our aim is that these opportunities give participants the space and tools to grow and enhance their careers.

Detailed information on individual opportunities and programmes will be announced in due course.

Opportunities for Established Talent

You have a solid position in the industry, but to make an impact and affect artistic change and direction at a higher level you need more in-depth experience and exposure.

Our opportunities include:

  • Shadowing
  • Assisting
  • Placements
  • Market Attendance

Being “established” isn’t the end game for everybody. If you have a vision for something that hasn’t been represented yet, or in a certain way, these programmes can provide hands on experience to assist you in achieving that and build on it. We always need fresh eyes and minds in senior spaces in the industry to develop and drive new initiatives and collaborations, and continue to reach out to and encourage those just entering the fold.

Detailed information on individual opportunities and programmes will be announced in due course.